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Accessible Curriculum Materials for Students with ASN

Books for All Scotland Database

Search for accessible digital materials

Teachers and education practitioners can search and download books and other printed materials in adapted, accessible formats.

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Hodder Gibson Books

Free accessible digital copies

A service providing print-disabled pupils in Scotland with accessible digital copies of Hodder Gibson books.

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Hands-on, practical training

We offer a range of Books for All courses

One-day, half-day and twilight courses in CALL, or in your school or local authority. Learn how to source, use and make curriculum resources in accessible formats.

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Can you be a :

  • Successful learner - if you can't read books and learning materials?
  • Confident individual - if you depend on others to read or write for you?
  • Responsible citizen - if you don't have access to information?
  • An effective contributor - if you can't communicate?

Read on to see how we can help.

Books for All is about learning materials in accessible, alternative formats.

For students who have difficulty reading ordinary printed books.

Search and download books in adapted, accessible formats.

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Accessible copies of Hodder books for print-disabled pupils in Scotland.

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Hands-on courses in creating accessible learning resources.

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A selection of guides to help you along with Books for All.

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Upcoming CPD training

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Our latest blog post

New Opportunities and Resources for Shared Reading and Storytelling

The benefit of involving learners in shared reading and storytelling activities is widely recognised - for developing reading, writing, literacy,....

  • Posted: 27th August 2015

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Other Research & Development

Digital versions of SQA exam papers.

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Free speech-to-text plug-in developed for Microsoft Word.

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A very high quality Scottish synthetic voice.

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Person-centred booklet for those who cannot easily speak.

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